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every when should i change the content of the articles, bookmarks

Hi, every when should i put new content for the articles,or re-spin the content, every 100 backlinks? 200?


  • will i recommended u to add new article daily

    or enter 100 article one time only and just let the gsa ser in ur vps dancing with google (usually they do breakdance)
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    You are going about it wrong, it is not a matter of just adding new articles.
    Adding new articles is NOT what will get you more back links.

    What does get you more backlinks are targets for GSA ser to create accounts on where it can post.

    To get more targets there are a few ways to go about it:

    Make sure you have as many as possible keywords ( keywords not anchor text ), the more keywords the better, then under options just below where u select search engines make sure you check the option to use keywords to find target sites.
    If you don't have a big keyword list the easiest way to get more keywords wold be to check the 2 blocks below the keyword input field. It is the ones that say : Collect Keywords.... and Use Collected....

    If you do this GSA SER will combine the build in footprints with the keywords, resulting in more results. The build in footprints now get multiplied by the number of keywords

    Scrape your own target sites using tools like Gscraper or Scrapebox.
    Spend some time and find decent footprints to base the scrape on and then combine with the keywords.
    Once you have your scrape results , DONT make the mistake many do by importing the scrape results directly into your projects, that is bad, because most of those urls wont work with GSA SER.

    First remove the duplicate URLS ( Dont remove dup domains )
    Then take those unique urls and identify and sort them using GSA Platform identifier or alternatively add them to GSA SER using the build in sorter : OPTIONS \ ADVANCE \TOOLS \ IMPORT URLS ( identify and sort in )

    Buy list ( there are millions of people selling) and then import hem.
    My suggestion is to create a fresh project every month with new content, new email accounts

    If you are going to use any list and u imported them using the import and identified method, then u need to make sure you enable use of global sitelist in your project. The urls u just imported will be in the identified folder.

    Next you will need fresh email accounts. The more email accounts you have the better and the more accounts you can create.
    Just make sure that in your project you go to options and set the below. If you dont set it GSA SER will ONLY create one account per platform


    In conclusion:
    Just adding new articles to an excisting project is not a smart way of getting more backlinks
    You are better off creating a new project ever week or ones a month so u can get fresh content, new accounts and more submissions overall.

    U dont need to stop the old projects when u create a new one, keep them all running

    Hope that helps
  • Hi RoyalMice,

    Very interesting and informative article. I've just tried to import my harvested URL's from scrapebox txt file and 0/38 urls were added? Any ideas where I am going wrong?

    Very Best Regards

    Mark McCabe
  • thanks royalmice but what i was wondering was if you need to change the content of the articles,bookmarks so you are not getting caught by google for repeating the same article or bookmark in so many sites.

    how much respin/put new content is the rule, for every x backlinks you need to change your content
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    my recommendation remains the same. instead of updating a project you should create a new one with fresh spun content ( articles, comments etc ). If you just update the syntax and add more content to the same project it will not make more backlinks, you are better off rinsing and repeating. Create new projects as often as possible, maybe ones a week.
  • It all depends on how well spun is your article. Spinner programs has a feature showing the uniqueness of articles in terms of quantity.
    Naturally you want as high uniqueness as possible but over 70% is good enough. If it's a 3 level well spun article this can range from 500-1000 articles.
    There is no rule. If you don't see google indexing your articles then you have to beef up your game a bit.
    Check out Matthew Woodward extremely exciting one hour tutorial on article spinning.
    Nothing is better than digging deeper in the mysterious world of content creation on a Saturday night. Don't forget to stock up on RedBull and Vodka though.
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    @ivanherop Like some of the other members have mentioned, it really all depends how much content you are using, how well it's spun, and the size of your project. Which content creator are you using?
  • @royalmice
    but if it creates lets say 1000 backlinks with a set of articles, isnt it bad to use so many times the same articles?
    cant google see it and penalize you?
  • that why i was asking for a number of times you can repeat the article, i know that if i dont change the content it will not create more backlinks, but if lets say i created 1000 backlinks with the same set of articles, cant google see it? how many times is good enough to repeat an article ?
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    I would definitely not recommend using articles which are not spun.

    For my data packs for instance  on each tier i use between 15 - 20 articles in syntax, each article has over 400 unique variations which is more than enough to last for over a year.
    I create now projects often with different keywords, but on the same topic so as to get fresh new content.

    If you look in the bottom of article manager there is a option : DO NOT SUBMIT SAME ARTICLE....... that setting i have set to: 1

  • thanks  @royalmice
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