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How can I target imported link list for my site

bdseobdseo Bangladesh
Hi senior guys,
I watch much more video tutorials in the last three days. but i cannot find which I want to do.
I have a 600k fresh blog comment list like this one, after import this site list in my GSA server (verified folder) the file name shows "sitelist_Unknown", But all link list are perfectly imported in my GSA verified folder. Now how can I target imported link list for my tier?

And another important thing is my imported backlink list name shows sitelist_unknown, because this blogs list footprint are different from another blog list..any solutions for that?

Please details


  • SvenSven
    why don't you import the sites directly to the project (right click on project->import->from file...)?
  • bdseobdseo Bangladesh
    edited November 2015
    Sven@ This list worked on GSA?
  • SvenSven

    That sample site is a wordpress one that needs an account. Right now this is not supported, but in the end someone can take "Wordpress - Article" and mix it with "General Blog Comment" engine and it will work. 

    Just that I have no time for that right now. Maybe someone else feels like coding it?

  • bdseobdseo Bangladesh
    I think, thanks
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