Exotic Private Proxies - The Cheapest And Super Speed Proxies You Will Ever Buy.

Exotic Private Proxies

Our proxies are not free or scraped proxies on the internet. These come from our high speed private data-centers across the world.

What you will get:

1) Very fast proxies with unlimited bandwidth
2) Proxies are very stable and have guaranteed 99% up-time.
3) Proxies are deployed on real hardware servers in our own data-centers.
4) Our Prices are very cheap and affordable
5) We provide HTTP(s) and Socks 4/5 Proxies
6) A qualified support team

To learn more visit our site: exoticproxies.com

Our proxies can be used for any online activity that you would normally do with your computer without restriction on speed or detection. Its Google passed, bypasses Cloud flare-Captcha blocks. Our proxies are IP Bound / require Authentication, to ensure you are the only one using your proxy.


100 proxies-  $9,00/month
500 Proxies - $13,00/month
3500 Proxies(USA) - $88,00/month
3500 Proxies(Europe) - $88,00/month
15500 Proxies(UA,RU,EUR,ASia,Africa) - $260,00/month


Need more? Contact us!
Need less? Contact us!

No more getting a new slow, and over used proxy list.These are private proxies and not open to the public. You can be sure of good speed to run your applications, bot, account creation, seo and gaming requirements.
We accept PayPal and Bitcoin.

email: support@exoticproxies.com


  • Do you provide some sample proxies to test it?
  • Yes you can get a trial package. We have upgraded our facilities and our proxies are blazing fast and very cheap too.
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