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I should choose between RankerX , Magic Submitter or RankWyz?

I'm quite the fan of GSA SER. Recently, I bought Magic Submitter for web 2.0/ contextual links. But I see very low success rate with magic submitter.

Is RankWyz limited to only 70 - 90 web 2.0's ?

And RankerX is a new SEO tool. I only know it on blackhatworld  forum

Do you know any other alternative to Magic Submitter for contextual links other then SeNuke XCR as it is too expensive.


  • zenblog. you need primarly software for it.
  • Well i started using Ranker X last week and i will have to say they are very good. 

    I believe you can post more than 90 sites? they just call it differently, they call it social network and web 2.0s profile. 

    You can use their 7 days trial and add the owner on skype, he was extremely helpful to me. 
  • Just to update, I’ve just tried Rankwyz. Ouch! Only 18 successful platforms. I will try rankerx this week.
  • use seo link robot
  • I am surprised that you mentioned SEO Link Robot. That is a big surprise that someone mentioned it in 2015! One of the worst product I ever purchased.
  • u just dont know how to use it .. its a bit tricky product but useful

    will it cant be compared to 2015 products but am using till now
  • mashafeeq : After 3 days of use RankerX, I really like it. I see very high success rate!
  • i will release 105 web 2.0 engine and u gonna fall in love with it no only like it  \m/
  • I think that you should choose RankerX. I also using RankerX and GSA. It's really so great ti combine 2 software together
  • codyjason

    sounds very fishy here :)
  • RankerX is Good.
  • waheed . I totally agree with you. But you have to use RankerX effectively and earn money with it. 
  • I just received a private message from Steve on BHW. WOW! 40% discount on RankerX license for Black Friday If I register today in the next 24 hours
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