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GSA Captcha Breaker is Freezing

Hello Guys

I'm running GSA Captcha Breaker and set RIPcaptcher in SER was running okay for a while no it's freezing and at a stand still so you know what that means LPM's are not what they should be.only solving 're captchas.

Can anyone help me please would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance


  • SvenSven
    is the repeatable?
  • Yes it has been happening for a few days now, perhaps you want to jump on my dedicated
  • from gsa ser option >> captcha >> stimulanitous captcha send between (5-10) if it still freezing then make them less and restart both gsa ser and cb
  • SvenSven
    @linkedseo yes please let me have access once it happens again.
  • I will have to white list your IP i have zone alarm on my dedicated since I had many brute force attacka
  • SvenSven
    my ip changes all the time. Also why ZoneAlarm? It's no longer state of the art really.
  • OKAY i'll deltere it and download team viewer
  • thats a problem i have over 43,000 access attempts blocked so i need it on its doing its job
  • I can use team view I forgot i can just shut it off so you can enter. plus ser freezes sometimes with it and when i accumulate links it seems the LMP's aren't registering either
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