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How long does it take to see improvements?

I managed to get an LPM of like 50 with a bunch of verified links with a custom sitelist I made, how often do you see improvements on Google?


  • There are several things to think about when posing a question like this one:
    • How many other websites are ranking for the keyword you are after
    • What are the underlying SEO metrics of your competition 
      • Majestic Trust Flow / Citation Flow
      • Moz Page Authority / Domain Authority
    • How many back links do your competitors have & what is the quality of these backlinks
    • What percentage of exact match anchor text are the top 3 sites using
    Essentially, you need to look closely at the top 10 and top 3 websites that are positioned in Google and make your site better than theirs (e.g. Higher underlying SEO metrics, better back links, etc.).

    Good luck!

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    @coneh34d Very well said. Unfortunately, GSA is not a magic overnight fix that will get your website ranked nor do I suggest trying to make it one. But assuming your site is optimized, your using strong DA PA TF site for tier 1, and have a good system in place for tier 2 & 3 you may start seeing movement in the serp within 2-3 weeks. (depends on the link juice being passed and indexing)

    Don't expect to see your site move leaps and bounds in one go. Depending on how high the competition is it may take months or over a year to outrank your competitors. Just keep at it and don't overdue it because you never know how Google will tweak it's ranking algo or spam filters.
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    I did check the top 10 competitors on Google SERPs, they all have 100k-1m backlinks, my on-page SEO is better (keyword density everything), I also have other stuff in place such as sitemaps which they don't have, also have better content.
    They all have high-quality natural links :(... guessing I'll have to create around 100k as well?
    I think I'm seeing results after a week with 1k links? this site is going to be penalized for sure isn't it? :( anyways I don't mind if I can get the traffic to max for even a month alone, that's more than enough for what I want to accomplish...
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    @ronniej556 It's hard to say. Analytics is not the tool to use to measure the effectiveness of your SEO efforts with link building. You need to track your site as it moves in search engine page results (SERP) overtime. There are some free tools you can use like, serpbook may be free (not sure), my personal favorite free serp tracking program is actually a phone app called SerpChimp.

    If you really want a complete in depth analysis scrapebox is an excellent tool that can be used for many different tasks.

    1k direct links to your site within a week is no bueno, especially if it's a fresh domain. In my opinion there's no point to churn and burn in what sounds like a pretty competitive niche, especially if whatever you are promoting is not expiring in the near future.

    I recommend developing a backlink strategy that works for you first, then put that plan into action opposed to just building links without a clear end game. You should easily be able to double or triple that traffic by investing an hour into social media promotion every day as well.

    1k links probably won't kill your site, but the disavow tool is always available.

    Best of luck.  
  • Thanks a lot
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