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Any one can tell me what GSA Indexer is i bught it

Can any one tell me what settings to use for GSA URL indexer pro  and for what is GSA URL Indexer PRo good for  when to use and is it worth it ?


  • It allows you to index URL's.

    For example you create 100 Web2.0 links using GSA SER, you can send those links to the indexer to get picked up quicker by Google. The indexer creates 50-1500 other links pointing to each Web2.0 URL, depending on your settings.
  • EdiEdi Kosovo
    edited November 2015
    thanks :)
  • web4youweb4you store
    i think that Indexer and Redirect Pro common are moremore better.
    When I see profesional services indexing.Their are using diffrents way. sometimes redirect,ping,rss.
    I think of GSA indexer and redirect PRO . 
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