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why high VpM after resuming?

hi & sorry for a rather newbie-question, but i wonder why GSA starts with a high VpM rate (i am using ser lists as targets),  then drops down after a couple of minutes to something around 2-3 VpM.. after i pause GSA (just for a couple of seconds) and resume, i get again the first verified links within seconds..
since nothing is done during the pause i dont understand how this initial burst happens..
thanks in advance


  • shaunshaun
    I would guess it is because the the LPM and VPM system works off an average over time so when you first start it and get x amount of verifieds in a few seconds it thinks that is the average and then normalises over time.
  • hiobhiob vienna, Austria
    that is true for sure, but watching the 'last verified URLs' window on the right, i see definitely the first links popping up in an instant, whereas after a couple of minutes links are dripping in like one per half a minute..
  • shaunshaun
    When you press start are your projects going streight into verify mode?
  • hiobhiob vienna, Austria
    bingo - yes, they do!
    does that mean that its the few links, which were not verified when the projects were stopped?
  • shaunshaun
    Well depending on your verification settings on the options tab SER seems to do a bunch of posts and then come back and verify them. If you press the stop button during a posting cycle then when you press start some projects might jump stright to verifying and that could explain what you are seeing.
  • hiobhiob vienna, Austria
    makes perfect sense, thanks a lot!
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