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GreencloudVPS V/s Solid SEO VPS - Looking to Buy 5 VPS

I am going to buy 5 VPS but confused between these two ?

Can someone please help me to get the best ones of them for GSA SER


  • ofcourse Greenvps

    the most importent thing about vps is unmetered bandwidth

    and gsa ser dont need vps more than 2 gb .. it never pass 1 gb usage so it gonna be waste

    2gb ram is good for gsa ser
    2 cures very good (gsa ser dont use that much processor)
    1gbps more than enought (gsa ser need 10 mb no more)
  • bandwidth is unmetered for both VPS vendors.
  • if bandwidth is unmetered for both VPS vendors. then i suggest Solid SEO VPS

    its only 2$ but 6gb and alot of stuff for 2$ is cheep so go for it
  • if u want 15$ vps then go for powerupshosting
  • shaunshaun
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    AsimNawaz  Just to clarify, you are wanting to buy 5 VPS? Have you looked into just getting your own dedicated server and breaking it down into your own VPS? I maybe cheaper and have better stats.

    DO NOT get the Greencloud VPS it will not work for your needs, some people get stuck up on the fact SER has a restriction on the RAM it can use but don't fall into that noobie trap. Both windows and GSA Captcha Breaker also both require RAM.

    This is a screenshot of the CPU/Memory usage on my server right now.

    As you can see by the evidence provided GSA SER does in fact use over 1GB at times, also the only things running on the server at this time are GSA SER, GSA CB and Windows. 
  • How much resource will be used on each VPS?

    If high then look at other provider.
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    I would suggest you check this out, this was made longtime ago, our servers are much powerful now

    Aside of that, with all respect, no one comes 10% close to our support, we are 24/7 with 10min or less respond time anytime of the year
  • @shaun its not noob trap 

    u r noobie who run the log on vps lol 

    log take alot of processor ,cpu, u have to turn it off also dont run gsa ser and seo indexer on same vps

    gsa ser will take all the bandwidth cuz it download alot and running it with gsa seo indexer will take alot of ram and processor and cauze ur gsa ser lags

    am running my seo indexer on another vps and when ever it finish 100,000 link i put another 100,000 in in to index also url redirector the same

    i tried all methods:

    1- with gsa ser and seo ram and processor lagged alot
    2- with gsa ser and url redirector the sam
    3- with gsa ser and both of them more laggs
    4- without both of them ram never reached 1 gb and am running 1000 threads
    5- only gsa ser with logs reached 800mb

    note gsa cb running all the time (its necessary)

    peace ~O)
  • @AsimNawaz

    I would go with Greencloud . I have been using them for quite some time, never had any issues absolutely pumping out high volume good quality stuff. Plus the owner is super quick to respond to ticket items.
  • Looking through the suggestions and have an issue with Ram under 1GB; Personally atm with 400 Threads running GSA Ser is using 750MB of ram but when on higher threads uses 1.5GB+ of ram. Which is fine for my server but like other user stated windows and indexer and captcha breaker all use ram as well.  Depending on how dedicated you are or will be an actual physical server may suite you best. Personally running Dual 6 Core and 48GB Ram with Raided HDDs. Picked it up pretty cheap $450 on ebay; You can seperate it into as many servers as you require or rent out the excess cpu/ram not needed. If you do decide to rent either server package from either company you are paying $260+ per server = $1320/Year for all 5 servers you want. Have more to say but ran out of time...
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Why go thru all the trouble when u can get an all inclusive GSA SER VPS -
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    Why pay $75 USD for 12Gb while you can get 32GB for $49.95 and 160GB SSD :D

    Check our Blackfriday Thread ;)
  • Hello! Try SSD-VPS from The minimum fare of $ 1. So far, all happy.
  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
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  • Lmao, all the self promotion in this thread is hilarious. Love it when a thread turns into this.
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