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Identified Average success rate?

Hello everyone, I'm new to GSA, I managed to get my hands on 3,000,000+ of my competitors backlinks, combined with some scraped using PHP and an API.
I added to GSA, Identify & Sort but It's taking very long, so I currently have it running on a VPS, so far it looks like half (50%) of these links are being identified, blog comments, wordpress article, url shortener, a lot of general blogs etc...
Is it normal to take so long? I'm using 30 semi-dedicated private proxies.

My question is when It's done, how many successfull submissions do you think I'll get?



  • u will need a third party to solve recaptcha and kcaptcha and u gonna need updates for gsa cb to increase it success rate (over 80%)

    for high numbers of verified u will need correct solving of captchas:

    this is the only service for gsa cb captcha improvement with low monthly fee:

    about 5 new captchas added daily and alot of captchas improved all the time

    will,i create about 50,000 to 150,000 verified links daily so i think u might get some good results

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