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Need help building sitelists.

Hi, I'm new to GSA I'm trying to build a sitelist, can someone give me some example movie/tv related websites which have been ranked with GSA?
Also how do I build my own lists for a movie/tv streaming related website. I'm lost!


  • there alot of people rank using gsa ser (to top page of google) so dont worry u just have to learn more about it

    and u dont need to build list about movie,tv u have to build high authority links (gov,edu) even if not related

    1 high authority gov worth more than 1000 com

    and don't waste ur time looking for sites with high pagerank cuz google stop updating pageranks (2016 is about authority) (if u are looking for edugov's

    will its along story and u have to watch some tutorial to understand some bases before we can explain to u anything

    and about site lists dont waste ur time scraping ... it only waste time cuz:

    - u well need private proxies for scrapebox to get some lists also u gonna need footprints
    - u will need to run the lists to get some verified and it will be low percentage

    u can buy from a provider its easier and better lists

    i can sell u some of my verified lists (about 2.3 mil links with 0 duplicate)

    its price 50$ pm me on to get the file
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