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100% rate in SKD but "Unable to solve" ...

edited November 2015 in Need Help
My problem is  simple. 
I train it with about 20 img to 100% succes rate  ( hash value and fixed results I have 100 succes detection in SKD) but no success when using the filters..

I saved the project and I uncheked ALL the captcha types , excepting the new created ( to test it better) 

When i put it on the work i hev 0% succes rate and..0000 time solving..
What is whong with my work?

Please see the picture with the setings and the results.


  • SvenSven

    That Hash methods is not useful for this captcha type. You can use Hash only for images where the resulting chars look always the same. Without noize or char rotation after filter apply.

    The fixed method is also not useful here as this type will only work if the captcha image is a fixed one which is not generated on the fly. I think there are just a handfull of captchas in CB that use this method. 

    You need to use Masks or the ImageFilters with OCR only.

  • uhh...thank you Sven
    I was afraid for that answer..

  • SvenSven
  • this type require masks not hash 

    send me 150 sample
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