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[Suggestion] Ahrefs stats and Majestic "Best" Variation Filter

Hey Guys,

Im absolutely loving the software so far, once again you prove that you are The best in business. I have few suggestions though :

Is it possible to add Ahrefs stats as well , Domain Rating and Referring domains, since majestic Referring domains is sometimes inaccurate (Majestic shows 10RD while Ahrefs shows 20+ for example)

Is it also possible to add a filter or an option to check all 3 variations (root, subdomain and URL) and only show the best one in the tool ? That would save some time when checking the results.

Thanks and keep up with good work


  • Ahrefs have more data index, that's why you see more stats on ahrefs then majestc.
  • SvenSven
    hmm well ahref needs an api/account to get that data I guess?
  • Hey Sven,

    Thanks for taking the time to check my suggestion.
    Ahrefs has a free checker that can check only 1-2 domains (only root domain is needed in most cases) before it asks for a trial or paid account. Its much like majestic when it comes to that.

    What do you think about that filter option, do you think it would be worth checking into ?

  • SvenSven
    hmm 1-2 requests is a bit too less. You would need a lot working proxies for that.
  • in my opinion ahref better than majestic

  • they are both OK and way better than moz. I use them both all the time. Majestic results are more diverse, depending on root, www or not, it´s a bit more messy. having the metrics will be awesome, but not very realistic

    they charge per number of data they show you. if you pull mass data for GSA, you will need a very expensive plan, and cost add up pretty well. Not sure if there is a workaround tho 
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