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All my target url are download failed (Aborted)

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I have bought GSA SER almost one year ago, but I just begin to use it this week. So, I'm a newbie.

When I start a project, I find GSA failed to download any target url, as following image:

I scraped these target url by GScraper, use footprints from GSA self. The proxies are purchased from, 10 dedicated proxies.


  • SvenSven
    ABORT in brackets usually means that either you stopped the project or the project was stopped due to no proxy being availabe.
  • I didn't stop the project, of course. I assume the private proxies are not avaliable, but when I test them (Option->Submission->Configure->Testing Proxies), the soft show me that all of them connect. So, these private proxies are ok?
  • SvenSven
    did you mark them as private and only use private in options? Also check if the proxies maybe get disabled due to the search engine banning option.
  • edited November 2015
    I only use GSA to submit, no search task asked. I import target URLs which scraped by GScraper. So the proxies shouldn't be banned by search engines.

    On more question if you don't mind, Sven.
    If I ask GSA submit with both Pubilc and Private proxies (click the two options), then how will GSA submit?
    1) Submit with private proxies firstly, and use public proxies as soon as all private proxies burned?
    2) Use both of them together? For example, 200 publlic proxies and 20 private proxies, GSA will use every proxy with a probability of 1/220
  • SvenSven

    Maybe just post some logs please to get a clue


    1+2. Yes. It chooses them randomly. Whatever is more in your list is used more often. So if you have 10000 public proxies but just 10 private, then the chances are very small that a private one is chosen.

  • edited November 2015
    Thanks, Sven. I restarted GSA, and didn't find the problem anymore.

    Another question about GSA's task count in logs message area:
    You see, GSA shows me it has 11934 tasks totally, and have finished 5506 tasks. But acutally, I import 26100 target URLs. Why GSA only show me 11934?

  • @Vincent it take parts of targets so it dont lag 

    i will post to  all of them so dont worry

    also download aported that meen u clicked stop or from option u let it stop if there no proxies

    so its ur fault not gsa ser's

  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    @sven I  noticed that u mentioned that ABORT in brackets usually means that either you stopped the project or the project was stopped due to no proxy being available.

    I was wondering if GSA SER can be set to move to the next proxy and try that one --- maybe a option to set it to try X number of times before aborting.


    will it come back eventually and retry the aborted ?

  • SvenSven
    Maybe I expressed myself wrong. I meant that all proxies are down here and no working one is available in the proxy listing.
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