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Possible Problem with scripting in the new version?


I've just updated to the new SER version 10.17 and I'm having some problem with the WordPress article engine. In this new version when using post_category[]=%category% to select a post category its not working, while in previous versions i.e.10.12 this used to work fine. I even tested this on v 8.81 and it worked fine.

I checked the debug log of the engine and it always shows post_category[]=0 no matter what you set it in the script.


  • u can copy the WordPress article engine from the older engines and replace it with the new one 
    in the setup folder paste the engine in engines folder and replace

    and send me the old and the new version of the engine so i fix ur problem
  • SvenSven
    @DannyZee if possible send me a project backup that would submit to a wordpress site so that I can debug things. Indeed latest version have a change here and maybe I have to add something to make it work as in old version.
  • mashafee there isn't anything wrong with the engine itself, its how the latest version is reading the engine script.

    Sven sent.
  • the software read all engines as scripts and it doesn't have scripts by it self (there a folder that gsa ser read called engines and the prove is when u remove or add engine while the software is running it wont tell u error file in use ut u can replace it without any problem and when u double click on the project u will see the changes) and the only changes sven do is modifying the engine files (.ini) for better script and he might do something seems to be better but it ruin the script so that why i asked u to send the engine files for sven to debug and find the error to fix
  • SvenSven
    fixed in upcoming version
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