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WAC Is Down And Out - Need Software Suggestions

WAC has been down for a week and their domain has expired. Fortunately I only purchased it a couple months ago so Visa gave me my money back. But I still need a content generator for GSA.

Is there a better alternative than Kontent Machine that's easy to import into GSA?  

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  • edited November 2015
    Thanks a lot guys.
  • I would recommend you to try SCM too. It has a free trial period. If I remember correctly Kontent Machine has a trial period as well. You can test them both and decide which one would suite you best.
  • SCM if you are looking for a cheaper option. It used to freeze up a lot for which I stuck with KM, as the "Freezing" problem is solved now, am back wtih SCM.
  • don't trust anyone with affiliates recommendations. some may direct you to their affiliate links here while others trying to share their junk blog posts here with there "looks like" real reviews.

    Do your homework. i own KM , WAC and SCM and with one price seo content machine better. thats my opinion.

  • WAC is back, Its working again.
  • I ended up getting a lifetime license of KM. Couldn't afford to have my projects held up any longer. I don't regret the purchase for a second. KM is on a whole other level compared to WAC IMO.

    It's like comparing Paint to Photoshop.
  • Yep, KM is much better WAC. WAC is so 90s
  • @moobs Haha, nice comparison. You really can't go wrong with Kontent Machine. KM may have a high price tag compared to some of the other content generators, but it's really a top notch program and what I believe to be the industry standard.
  • @davidlang, absolutely right about affiliate marketing!
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    +1 for SCM..Amazing.....
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