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Wicked Article Creator To Create Article for Gsa

I can understand how to use WAC to create articles for gsa , i do th first part with data , but when coming to articles its creating just one article and after some time gsa logs says i need to put more articles , can anyone help me ? this is my skype : cacat.murat1


  • SvenSven
    you use the dupechecking option in article manager. That has to be turned off or you have to increase the number of dupe submits. Remember that one added article is counted as such, no matter how many variations it could make due to spin syntax.
  • What are you talking about ? I asked how can i make articles in WAC to import them to gsa , when i try to create articles , i input keyword , selecte text and after i press build i cant find any button to save the articles to import them to gsa , or any WAC ID 
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