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Edu, Gov Links - Video Comments Engines

It would be nice to have engine specifically for edu, gov comments and forums instead of having to create a filter for them.

The only Video Comments Ser posts is the adults video comments.If you try to post the standard, clean video comments it asks you to put in all the video infomation, video, file, video image, etc. 


  • SvenSven
    just do that yourself where you can define other footprints in the script with ".gov" or alike. 
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited November 2015
    you mean in the engine script for blog comments, add edu gov to it in the script?

    But would I have to use the search mode or would that make a new folder for edu comments?

    That would work with the site list?
  • u can insert or .edu in footprint studio or

    u can google it to get more info about to use custom footprints
  • I have custom footprints for all those links and many more unless that will customize an engine
  • can an engine be customized like that?
  • will modifieg original footprints and engine goes to sven, and am sure he dont have any spear time for it so u will have to modifiy the engines for ur self by ur self
  • modifing the engine for edu, gov will make a new folder for those type of links or go in the same one as blog comments?
  • will better to create new folder so u wont miss things up
  • do you know how to to that make engines I will pay you for the work
  • my skype is serpwaveseo
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