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Clarification on a fake IP in headers for transparent proxies option

First thanks for a stonking proxy scraper, haven't really touched the surface yet but already I love it :)

I'm assuming spoofing your IP like this isn't going to hide you perse right - just curious as to what the reasoning is for this option.


  • Also the option in Settings -> Filter -> Do not accept anonymous (no elite) proxies: if this is ticked then only high anonymous proxies are used, if it's UNticked then the proxy still provides anonymous browsing but the remote site may know it's a proxy.

    Is this correct?
  • Aha, answered:

    The option Add a Fake IP for Transparent Proxies in Headers will try to add another fake IP in HTTP Headers for transparent proxies in order to confuse remote web server on what the real IP is. Usually scripts take the first IP submitted within HTTP Headers only. So there is a good chance that your transparent proxies are not that transparent anymore but work just as an anonymous one. However, your real IP is still submitted with every request, just that there is a good chance that the fake IP gets used to identify you.
  • SvenSven

    1. When a proxy sends your IP in the header (being transparent or none anonymous) then our program tries to add other headers to the http-header pretending to be from another IP. So in the end the server has to decide which of the many header entries it should take to identify the real IP.

    2. corrct guess.

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