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A Catchall-Email can really be used for more than one project simultaneously?

I did some tests with my one and only catchall email account and found maybe a problem:

1. I setup the exact same catchall account (macro and pop3 login) in two projects
2. first I started the first project for some time and stopped it again. I checked after some minutes and
       there were about 5 emails in the catchall-inbox.
3. then I started the second project and watched the inbox content. The emails were counting up and
       I saw the old 5 emails as the oldest ones and many others. After some time when the email verification
       took place the number was drastically reduced to about 7 emails.

   (this should not happen - am I right?)

(I only checked: "Delete message when verification link was found" and
"Delete message if older than 5 days")

So I am not sure anymore that the catchall-email setup can be duplicated from proj to proj.

Any ideas?


  • lol uncheck this if u want to use it for more than one projet 

    I only checked: "Delete message when verification link was found"

    this delete all message after it find link even from other projects so other projects find none

  • rsdgurursdguru
    Yes I believe you are right, but there is the next option also:

    "Delete all messages (even if not related to a submission done)
    Make sure you don't use that email in more than one project when
    deleting all messages"

    I thought this will delete strange messages...!?
  • will do not ever check "Delete all messages"

    will i dont think anyone would check it
  • rsdgurursdguru
    How to delete messages from such an catchall account ?
    With the last point "Delete message if older than 5 days" ?
    I have 500MB email quota...
  • will make it 3 day if u use scrapig list not from providers and from providers use 1 day (to save some space for ur catch all)

    by the way why not buying another catch all? or buying 5k or 12k yahoo for 1$ which is very cheap 
    and better than catchall alot because alot of accounts = no one will think u r spamming and u can make schedule posing larger if u use alot of accounts
  • sorry the opposite 1k for 5 $ not 5k for 1$
  • rsdgurursdguru
    thx a lot !
  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    "Delete message when verification link was found" - ON
    "Delete message if older than X days" - ON (If your provider doesn't have this built in the catchall service, our service does this automatically for all your catchalls so in our case you'd turn this OFF)
    "Delete all messages" - OFF.

    "Delete all messages" - OFF is critical because if it's not OFF, it will break your catchalls.

    For example: you use the same catchall in 2 projects. Project #1 reads all emails, verifies accounts and deletes all other emails. Now project #2 tries to verify accounts but can't because all emails have been deleted by project #1.

  • rsdgurursdguru
    edited November 2015
    @hinksys - exactly the first one "Delete message when verification link was found" - ON
    makes the problem, because it deletes mails for other projects too (I'm sure I found out...)
    please see my post in detail...

    what do you think of this ?

    P.S. I use my own hosted catchall account on one of my unused domains.
  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    Actually, I now remember that some customers have reported this happening with "Delete message when verification link was found" on, but it worked fine when that option was off.

    For example it would wipe out all emails, all the time, so nothing survived more than couple of minutes. It seemed like something that would happen with "Delete all messages" on except that option was off.

    Now I think I've fixed this somehow, or that it just stopped happening, but it was almost a year ago and I've done so many tweaks to server configuration and other stuff over time that I don't really remember what solved it. : /

    But still, you can just run with "Delete message when verification link was found" off and let "Delete message if older than X days" deal with old emails.

  • rsdgurursdguru
    thx I did already as you propose and set it for 3 days, but 10 thousands of emails are in the inbox - maybe this is a big slowdown of SER...?!
  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    Yeah, it's not ideal.

    But you can easily solve this by creating more catchalls. Just create 5-6 subdomains on that domain you're using, set them up as catchalls and you're good. Spread them up so that there's only 1 catchall / project and things should be working much better.
  • rsdgurursdguru
    edited November 2015
    Very good idea, are the solution!
    Do you think it matters somehow if I set an emails login delay or not if I use my own catchall accounts?
  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    Doesn't matter at all. That option is only useful for yahoos / hotmails / ... so that they don't ban you for accessing the emails too often.
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