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default checked=0

engine type=Referrer
description=Uses the referrer in html headers to produces a link on statistics sites.
anchor text=0
creates own page=0
uses pages=1

page must have1=*/drupal.js*|*jQuery.extend(Drupal.settings*

;options to search for thies sites....

search term=Operations inurl:track

add keyword to search=2

;if enabled we will extract keywords from meta-keywords and later try to find new targets
extract keywords=0

;define a submission as success or not
submit success=%url%

;if set to 0 we asume that the submission was successful (if submission_success matched)
verify submission=1
;can be email (parse email and click link), search (use search from there page) or url (just download that url agan and check)
verify by=url

verify on unknown status=1

use original url to verify=1

;minutes to wait after each verification check
first verify=0
verify interval=1
;when to give up checking for the set link in minutes (in this case 5 days)
verify timeout=1
verify url=%targethost%%targetpath%
verify search detail url=0

;check previous submissions/verified urls at main url to not spam a site
posted domain check=1


;the variables we have to define for this engine (if not already defined before)
;name, keyword, url, e-mail are already defined by default
just download=1

modify url=%targethost%

link type=Referrer-URL



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