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How to get more emails

It's been a while since I used Email Spider and it doesn't seem to get as many emails.  I used to run on a VPS and run the software over night using a few keyword phrases and in the morning I would have anywhere between, 20-40k emails.  Now I get like 3k.  has the software changed?  
Do I need to set some parameters when using keywords? Please help.


  • 1. I am u sing public proxies and 10 private proxies.
    2.  Just did a test using Chiropractor got 300 emails in about 90 minutes.
    I am thinking probably should have got more than that...
  • SvenSven

    No nothing changed really the way the program works. In fact speed should be way better as in the past.

    1. Thats the problem I would say. Most public proxies are banned on search engines and on many major sites as well.

    2. see 1.

  • So are you saying if I go out and purchase more private proxies I will be able to use a keyword like Chiropractor and get more than 300 emails in 90 minutes?  Are you saying it will run all night like it used too becuase I ahve more private proxies??

    By the way, I am using the proxies that GSA finds, do you use different code that you do in SER?  because I use Public proxies in SER exclusively and don;t have any issues with them.  

  • SvenSven
    well sources in both tools are the same but not all sources are enabled. Just check what sources you use in SER and use the same in Email Spider.
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