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I need to get automailer working with hostgator and win7.

I can't for the life of me get this working. Could somebody who is using win7 and running on hostgator PLEASE let me know exactly what I have to have the settings on the automailer set to in order to get this to work.


  • SvenSven

    smtp server:

    port: 25 or 26

    use ssl: unchecked

    pop3 before smtp: unchecked

    use MAPI: unchecked

  • OK. Here is the thing: What you just showed is what I use. I can send a test message, but when I try to use the auto-mailer, it doesn't work. Having attempted to run the auto-mailer, knowing that it doesn't work, I try to send a test mail again, and the test does not work.

    I restart GSA and the cycle repeats.

    Also, I have tried to run  the auto-mailer with various email accounts that I own (different domain) populating the results list and nothing...
  • Also I do have GSAES:6.91
    I have been reproducing the same exact cycle I stated above and just now is the first time that the error message in the second test email actually has info in it.

    It says: The test email couldn't be sent (SMTP Error () / Exception: Access violation at address 24448B50. Read of addrress 24448B50)
  • SvenSven
    could it be some anti virus blocking it?
  • edited January 2013
    No. Shut down real time protection for windows defender and security essentials.
    Allowed all permissions for all users: Ran program as administrator.
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    Here is how simple it is to make sure this is not working - takes 10 seconds:
    1. Launch GSA
    2. Send Test eMail - Success
    3. With URL for start - and auto-mailer on: Click start. Wait 3 seconds...
    4. Click stop.
    5. Send Test eMail - FAIL "The test e-mail couldn't be sent (Smtp server not connected)"
  • SvenSven
    Working for me but I don't have an hostgator account.
  • Well that's just wonderful Sven, but that doesn't help me at all. Would you be more helpful if I paid for the product? - which I did over a year ago. - I would be  happy to send you my license.

    How about this: What is the proper  setup for gmail? I will try that and if I get the same problems than we're getting some answers. If not, then we're still getting some answers.
    That's the kind of support answer that would make sense at this point. Don't you think?

    So how do I set up a gmail?
  • SvenSven

    I don't need that kind of unfriendly "Im a customer, now serve me!" talk. Thats the answer you get from me. Unless you want to give me access to your PC, share the email account with me (pm than please) so that I can debug things, Im done here as (again) all works for me as it should. gmail settings work as well.

  • "It works for me, so have a nice day with your problem" isn't very friendly either.
    So, I will pm you my skype.
    We can connect with via teamviewer because I think it would be the best way for you to see what the problem is. Thank you.
  • SvenSven

    I haven't said "have a nice day with your problem". I tried to help, but honestly, what can I do if it is usually a problem the end-users PC? If it's not the case than Im sorry and I fix it of course. 

    Do you really think it'S just you using this program? If that automailer would not work at all, don't you think someone would have mentioned this to us before? Anyway I have a look now on your PC.

  • I have had it running all night and it appears to be working just fine
    now. Whatever you did in that last update fixed it. Thank you so much
    for your hard work. I am now back to work and super effective. I will
    continue to use GSA and suggest others do so as well.
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