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I lost every link verified in a week


I'm a little confused, I lost every link verified in a week...
i check the log for some error and I see nothing strange only this many times:

23:24:35: [-] 1128/1488 domain change -> http://xx.4.96.137/
23:24:40: [-] 21/21 domain change -> http://xx.4.96.137/
23:24:41: [-] 1207/1393 domain change -> http://xx.4.96.137/ 

in project i have this info text:
2015-10-26 23:20: No targets to post to (maybe blocked by search engines, no site list enabled, no scheduled posting)

thanks for help me.


  • SvenSven

    This domain change seems to be wrong. It might be issued by your proxy provider or something else. This redirect is not coming from the webserver itself. So something on your network might issue this redirect and of course so nothing gets submitted or verified.

    Your links are all in the file "<project name>.reverify_failed". So you have a chance to recover the links after you fixed that issue.

  • Now i use IP Rotation proxies to I've reported this problem and expect an answer.

    When I receive your reply I inform to you.

    Someone have this problem?

  • sevapisevapi

    I don't believe this issue you reported is caused by the proxy at all. Our proxy is a backconnect proxy that only routes your connections to active and working proxies via a gateway server. I don't see how the proxy can cause this issue you posted. Pls Sven could you throw more light as to how a proxy can cause this issue? 
  • SvenSven

    A proxy can cause this issue if the proxy does not actually act as one but returns no 200 reply but another status with a new location in http header.

    Of course you have to use the proxy as CONNECT or WEB (socks will not give this result). 

    This is often seen when you want to connect to some website but your ISP or proxy provider want you to go to a special site first and configure something. So they will redirect every website request to the config page and only let you continue if thats finished.

  • Hi,
    I use this proxies for some days and have
    too many errors of this type:
    10:48:07: [-] 17/19 domain change ->

    With all proxies activates the amount of threads is very low 30/50 and activate only socks5 I better not talk.
    Is there any way to solve these problems?
  • SvenSven
    This domain change is not a SER issue. It's something on your setup.
  • when gsa scrape a site to comment to it will scrape the other pages in the site like a spider and post to all of them and when a page is redirected by by error 301 to 307  to another site . gsa will skip it because the new site might be using different engine. 

    that meen there no bug in gsa ser but the problem with the site it self.. and when u say list u mean a list? 1 million or more lists? or 3 links only which is not a list
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