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GSA proxy scraper is not working with its trial version

Hey guys,

I just downloaded GSA Proxy scraper a few hours ago and i have to say it is an extremely good tool.

The problem is that after a few hours of scraping, it sudden stop working (threads=0)

My setting was interval =5, didn't work. After changing to interval =60, didn't work as well. 

Can this be an issue of the trial version? will it be improved in the full version? Or is it a bug?

Probably @sven will be interested in this as well :P.

Thanks guys. 


  • SvenSven
    Never heard of this issue before. There should not be any issue. I guess you maybe use the option to only search for proxies if you have less than XYZ in the list. That would explain it.
  • @Sven thanks for your reply, i went ahead and bought the software, absolutely one of the best out there man love it. :D 

    I have bought 6 licences of GSA softwares and i love them all so much :D

    anyway, Is it possible that we can have a new  software that just focus on creating contextual links? GSA SER can get it done but i believe there is still room for improvement.

    It can be a monthly subscription i believe many people will buy. 
  • SvenSven
    well I would prefer adding it all to SER. It's already very powerful and has a good script engine. And with it's even more powerful when it comes to web2.0
  • the same exact thing happens to me. i have to restart the software to get it going again. also using trial version
  • no longer having issues with this since i got full version
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