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error 2captcha?

For several days I get the same mail 2cpaptcha now hit you below . Everything goes by API , so the bug report gives the GSA- BE , if not failure GSA or 2captcha , but I leave here .

For a service that I find cheap ( $ 0.70 - .0.90 for human cpm ) I now put stick with this.

I hope they can give you solution , because it works well with recaptcha .

This company uses the error reports to the prestige of human solving the captcha. I see constantly the panel and see what often fail frequently, if that is not an excuse to justify 2captcha , or GSA sends fault reports demsasiados Captcha

This is the message .

Thank you for using our service, and thank you for sending notification of the incorrect decoding CAPTCHAs, it helps us more quickly to deal with poor employeers.
However, more than 50% of the complaints about the wrong recognition, you sent us lately, proved to be wrong captcha it has been recognized correctly.
A large number of false alerts interfere with the service, so we have temporarily limited the reception of reports from your account For the next 24 hours from your account is not taken notice of incorrect decoding, please change the algorithm validation recognition.


  • SvenSven
    hmm if you can get me the sites where this would happen then I can have a look and fix the engines maybe.
  • I know that I can not , nor can I be stopping all campaigns to test engine to engine and wait 2captcha not send me mail.
    Bone is difficult for engine may be because GSA has many engines. I do not know how quickly what you ask Sven , take days to try one by one, each 1 and wait if they send me mail 2captcha
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