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GSA SER Daily Updated Verified And Identified Lists - Refund Guarantee Presents - Daily Updated Lists For GSA SER - $25 Per Month

We provide three lists :
1) Verified Lists : Updated once daily from our own project backlinks (check updates)
2) Identified Lists : Updated once daily as GSA SER harvests more sites (check updates)
3) Scraped Targets : Updated weekly once using scrapebox. We scrape 8 platforms individually (wikis, social networks, bookmarks, articles etc.)


Not only do we provide these links at very competitive prices, we provide fresh links. Since these links come from our own project, they stay online for quite some time.


1) How are these links prepared ?
A) We build backlinks to our own projects and sync both verified and identified lists to our server. Lists are updated once daily. We start from scratch every 30 days and make sure that last list remains available.

2) How many new links are added daily ?
A) There is no exact number of sites added. We just make sure our projects keep running and lists are synced. You can check realtime updates here : GSA Site Updates

3) Which captcha service or tool is needed ?
A) We use captcha sniper and have tried our lists with GSA captcha breaker too. Both work well with our lists. Remember that verified is built using captcha breaker and no other service. If you use any other service you will get more from our identified lists.

4) How many backlinks can we build ?
A) We cannot say that as individual performance will differ based on settings however we offer refunds.

5) What is the pricing ?
A) You will pay $25 per month as long as you want to use our service. 

6) Can we avail refunds ?
A) If you do not like the service then within 2 days from order you can place a refund request and your money will be refunded.

6) Any discounts ?
A) We will provide 20 discount copies as review to members who are known here. You will have to pay $15 for one month access. From next month you will have to pay $25. You can cancel the subscription later from your paypal account if you want to.
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