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Export Only If Proxies Number is X

I've been facing this issue for a while now. It seems like whenever I restart Proxy Scraper or I stop it in whatever way, it will start scraping/testing proxies from scratch.

In the meantime my scrapebox instances are set to scrape with for example 50 threads. So if before restart there were 2000+ proxies in proxy scraper, after the restart it will export and overwrite them with only 15. This will cause my scrapebox burning those 15 proxies with 50 threads fast even thought the previous 2000+ proxies were still working great.

So I suggest a condition for exporting: export only if the number of proxies(which meet the other conditions of course) available are X. This should sort out any issues with scrapebox burning a low number of proxies.

Btw if you ask why would Proxy Scraper not start with the same amount of proxies after restart it's because this error is still happening:

Test Error: Operation would block.

time after time.. :(


  • SvenSven
    even though i would like to find the "operation would block" issue, this option is in for next update.
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