Pls help me Rank My Website

Hello I have created a new money site with low competition keyword Did good on-page SEO With Well Content. After a while i Created 30 Different Web 2.0 each with 1 niche relevant article and other articles like about us , privacy policy , TOS , Contact Us. Then I Created a GSA SER campaign and Gave 20K Dofollow Contexual Links with Platforms like article , video , wiki , blog comment etc etc and then created another tier to these Links Till Now (60K verified urls ) . Now before Creating any of these links my website ( Inc web 2.0 ) My site was ranked 19 ( I just Indexed it using a manual comment and again it's a very very low comp niche ) 

After Building These Links My Site is Still at no 19 Rank . Can Anyone of you very people help me ranking this site any further .


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    Probably best to just wait a bit.
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    well, I would start by saying there is no time reference here. Did you do this yesterday and are expecting immediate results? This process, especially in a low competition niche can take a while (months). G just doesn't index as frequently with lower volume niches. Also, remember sudden movement can also be bad (going negative). On the surface you did the right things. I would say did you have an index service for the added links? If a month or more goes by without movement then you would be right to look into what is going on.
  • It's been 15 days
  • And yes I am indexing my backlinks . Do you think my no of Web 2.0 properties are less ?
  • @ronit

    15 days?! Man, thats nothing. Wait 45 days at least.
  • BigGulpsHuhWelp  Ok Will wait to see what happens next
  • If it was really really low competition local stuff you could see results in a week or more.
  • Its a Low Comp Niche But Search Results is 95K a month
  • Ok- so definitly going to take longer than you thought originally. Maybe two months
  • I Hope it gets Ranked Do you think my no. of web 2.0 properties are less  BTW i have given 60K tier 2 and 110K tier 3 links to these web 2.0
  • Mike_RossMike_Ross Arizona, USA

    If its a low competition (if you done your job with KW research ) don't bother with number of web2.0. Just build some quality 2.0s and maintain them.
  • @ronit,quality over quantity,pm me and i can help you out mate :)
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