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Doubts about Submits on Project Options

JennyharvestJennyharvest Spain
edited October 2015 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Hello Sven,

I have some doubts about the submit options.

1) On options, when you submit articles only 1 time per site/domain. It submits to the different URLs on a same domain? For example:
The same article: 1 time to
    1 time to

Or it only works 1 time on the domain ignoring subdomains?
What does exactly the "per account" submission?


2) If you have checked the option above, and also you have checked this option below..
If you have different articles, on a single URL.. GSA will submit 20 articles to that site/domain or does GSA will submit 60(+-10) per that single URL?
(I think with the option checked above, you will submit only 20 articles per url, does it? 


3) What does this exactly? 


4) Have you checked BLURBs option of FCS Networker? Could you get it into GSA SER? I'm thinking on going only to SER Engines but I love blurb option of FCS, it allows you to create really natural content. You can personalize really great the linking way of your articles doing spinned content with the links, creating great TIER1 with the content before and after a link, personalizing the anchor and the links.



  • SvenSven

    1) it's per domain because an article is usually on a new url anyway which would make this option totally useless if it would be counted per full URL.

    2) This option has no influence here anyway.

    3) It will take one of your keywords , search for it and see who ranks better than you and will try to locate URLs it links to to also place a link there.

    4) What is BLURBs ?

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