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Please help..Does my domain need to have authority to rank an inner page with 3 tier structure?

JudderMan shaun BigGulpsHuhWelp NetMajom  linkedseo spunko2010 royalmice I really need help

I have a aged domain that doesn't have a whole lot of domain authority.  If I build other inner pages and I do 3 tier structure for each inner page targeting my keywords for each page.  My tier structure will be Money site>5 Tier 1 FCS Networker Web 2.0s's>25 Tier 2 FCS Networker Web2.0's> Hammer tier 3 with GSA, 1000 links a day for each 25 FCS networker Web 2.0's, so total of 25k a day for tier 3.

Some questions below:

1.  Is my tier structure above the best way to build out a campaign for a keyword?

2.  Is a 1000 links a day per URL  for tier2 to many?  Being FCS Networker web 2.0s for tier2, shouldn't they be able to handle more links  without penalty as long as anchor text is in ratio, right? Should I hammer more than 1000 per url? I have always been confused with the seo terminology of "hammer" and "spam" as some people say to blast as many as you can non stop until you rank, and others say limit the amount of links when you blast on tier 3 per day with GSA. So which is it?

3. Will I still be able to rank the inner pages with domain authority being lower on my site?  it's a medium competition keyword.

4.  What is the best and quickest way to build PR for the tiers (I know it will still take some time)?  I'm thinking about doing a tier 3 blast of blog comment links.  Will this work faster since the comment pages will have PR (like 30 OBL setting), as long I scrape the target urls for the comments with Scrapbox and the pages aren't spammed to death (like a verified list from a seller for example)

5.  This question really has nothing do with above scenario.  How many spin rewriter articles do I need to enter into GSA to build 200,000 contextuals?   I have a campaign (parasite test site) that I think isn't ranking because I have 20 spun articles and it build like 190k contextuals (mostly Articles and Wikis).  I'm pretty sure i'm getting hit with duplicate content because I don't have enough articles in GSA. Input anyone?

I have been using GSA for about a 1 year now, part time and seo for about 5 years (mainly using pbrs).  I really need help with GSA (i'm missing something stupid, I have tried so hard with this software and not sure what I'm doing wrong.  I am exhausted and need help.  So i'm reaching out to everyone here for advice and maybe it will help someone else to master GSA as well!

I'm running a VPS, 10 semi proxies (buy proxies), Captcha breaker, express indexer, yahoo emails, auto approved loopline list, I use article builder or super spun articles tier1.  Kontent Machine for tier2 and tier3 (spin rewriter api).

I know I'm so close to finally winning at GSA and understanding everything!  I know the settings inside and out.  I'm either getting hit with duplicate content with not enough articles for tier3 or my links aren't indexing from google patch in July or my list from loopline is spammed to death (which I looked at and it is seems spammed heavily to me, but maybe you guys can clarify some of this for me and point out something I'm doing wrong.  Thanks in advance to everyone.I really need help

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