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Posting speeds really variable

Hey guys, 

Ive been finding that my ser speeds are really highly variable. When i load in fresh emails, fresh list, and make a couple new projects. it seems like it takes up to 12-24 hours to see my lpm jump up into the 100+ range, and then once its run through the new list and filled up the emails, drops back down to less than 30 or even down to 1 or 2 lpm. Is there any way to make this process last longer or is it primarily just keeping up with fresh emails and lists?


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    The LPM you see at first, from my point-of-view, I think it's SER's assumption of current lpm, obviously it can't figure out the actual lpm just when it started and reaches a certain point. Later, after going through a lot of links, it finally reaches the actual lpm. Might be my fantasy (lol) but this is what I think it is.

    SER has it's limitations unless you are a baller who runs SER with 500 threads+500 dedicated private proxies+OCR with highest plan available.
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