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Help me please. Low LPM with private proxy


I have bought SERLIST and I have my own scraped list but I have still low LPM

Currently I have 15 projects where LPM is 0,61, VPM 0.11. Do you know why ?

I see a lot of logs like "no engine matches. I don't know maybe something is wrong with captcha breaker

Help me please I need to finish this projects in coming days.

Thank you in advance for your help.



  • Since you see "no engine matches", that means that the lists are not good mate. However, I recently tested SERLists and a few other top GSA SER site lists providers and they all performed great. Are you sure your GSA CB is connected to you SER instance?

  • edited October 2015
    Verified lists doesn't deliver "No Engine Matches" errors. Check again if you are running an Identified list.

    Another reason, you might have imported the list directly to projects and the projects have different engines chosen (Not all engines chosen across all projects)? If you use a list that has all engines in it, and the project has only the "Article" tab marked, then obviously you will see tons of "No Engine Matches" logs as SER is going through the whole list including Blog Comment/Social Network/Social Bookmark/Etc.. engines.
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