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What Proxies Provider you use for scraping lists?

Since Bandit Scraper stopped working i now need to use gscraper, what proxies service you recommend using that are good with gscraper?


  • Gscraper is having some difficulties lately. Last time I checked its sales thread was removed from BHW as well. You may search for gscraper there to see if they solved their issues before you invest into proxies.

  • I am using 300 proxies from I've never had any issue with them. They have vary fast and reliable proxies. In the past I've used squidproxies and instantproxies but always had issues with them

    I think reverseproxies has a BST here also. You should search for them.
  • penumbrapenumbra Antarctica
    @averac  They are expensive, how many threads you recommend running per 1 proxy from reverseproxies on scrapebox?
  • Haven't you guys tried Scrapebox V2 user server proxies?
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