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A bug with 5.02 version of GSA

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After updating to the last version (5.02) I noticed that all my projects are PAUSED (Active (P)). When I stop or even close the software the projects remain in the same situation. At the log windows says that I need XXX minutes (it is the time that I have entered between specific numbers of link verifications) in order to start again. Also it says that XXX links (the number of successful created link till now) have created from XX links (the number that I have set to be verified each time, between each software cycle).

Could you help me please?

This is an example

18:59:20: [ ] Project on pause for 383 more minutes as 779/12 verifications have been reached.


  • Isn't this just your settings? Double click the project the Options > Pause the project after (set it)
  • Yes this are my setting, but the project should continue. It has created those 779 links till now and should build 12 links per 400 minutes. Before updating my projects were building links and now all my projects are paused. They shouuld continue building links as they havent reached the "pause time".
  • This is happening to me as well. 
  • SvenSven
    This is what I have changed. On a new start of a project, the program calculates the number of submitted/verified URLs posted from now till XYZ minutes (waiting time) in the past. So yes it can be that the project is on pause now.
  • SvenSven
    Oh and yes, I also added a bug :( Damn it's not my version in a minute.
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