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Creating wordpress category


I'm trying to edit the wordpress engine to create a category for wordpress.

I was able to fill the text box, but after filling it you have to click on add button.

What i've dont so  far:


but now i have to click the add button. How can i do that? there is no form.

This is the button source code:
<input id="category-add-submit" data-wp-lists="add:categorychecklist:category-add" class="button category-add-submit" value="Add New Category" type="button">



  • SvenSven

    thats another form that you should see as well and do a submission before the article submission

  • edited October 2015
    Uhhh finally got it working :). baby step, but I'm getting there.

    I was trying to get the article file name and set it as a title, but i couldn't find the macro to do that. Do you know it? its not in the macro guide.

    I know this can be done through the article options when importing the article but i need to add it to my engine.

    I tried %file_name-C:\output\article.txt% but that didnt work.
  • SvenSven
    sorry such a macro does not exists. However maybe you can use %first_sentence-<file>% or %random_title% ?
  • Hey DannyZee. Could you post your script for correct wordpress categories?

    I think many people got the same problems with it...

    Thanks :-)
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