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Automatically build tier after reaching x number of verifications

Hey @Sven

It would be cool if we could setup a project where a second tier is built automatically with settings we pre-select once the first tier verifies x number of links.We could do this for all tiers, and it would save time because it could auto build out and scale projects. It would be an amazing feature. 


  • +1  I would LOVE something like this.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    I agree...i do it manually now......
  • As long as I know the The "Edit Tier Filter Options" has a filter "URLs age in days".
    This can be used to set the lower tier link building into a time frame like 3-60 days.

    I've just checked and there is a filter "Min. URLs that main project must have"  I haven't used this filter before but It may just does what you need.
  • yeah man.. you are quite right.. hare are some websites already gives us the offer of ties wise templates and setting e.t.c...
  • Lol, that would be cool, but is it really necessary when it only takes a minute or two to setup a new tiered project?

    I guess if you are providing a small SEO service with a set number of links per tier it could be useful.
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