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Looking for Testers & Reviewers!

edited June 2016 in Buy / Sell / Trade
Hey guys,

I am looking for some testers & reviewers for my upcoming Catch-All Email Accounts service

I've been operating such a service for a bunch of private customers for around 2.5 years and I know how to run things pretty well. The public service I am opening is running for few months already for private beta testers and results are astonishing and it keeps getting better and better. All of the current testers and users are pretty happy with the results, speed and reliability.

The service is absolutely compatible with GSA SER and all you have to do is paste your catchall email accounts into your projects

Please serious linkbuilders only that use their SERs on daily basis!

I will provide you 2 months account for free with 3 Catch-All Email Accounts

In return i will ask for Your feedback on results, performance and a review in my sales thread once I launch it here in next few weeks

I am not sure how much people will accept at this time, so simply post your interest here and patiently wait for a PM

Thanks in advance to anyone interested in helping me out!


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