DDoS Attack on My Scraping Server

I have a dedicated server which I use for scraping lists with scrapebox, gsa ser and gsa proxy scraper. Two to three instances of scrapebox are being usually of which one for bing using public proxies scraped from gsa ps, one for google with public proxies, but used with very low amount of threads and another one with private proxies for google.

For the past few months I've noticed unusual downtime on this server. It will usually last for a couple of hours or sometimes minutes and then I can connect. It was not that much at first so I didn't care much, but lately it became more and more lasting. I decided to ask my host whats up with that and they told me their DDoS protection has shut down the internet to the server because of unusual activity. I asked them to look more closely why did the autoprotection turn on and they said that the logs said I was being DDoS attacked for sure.

So I was wondering who could do that, why and most importantly how did my server ip address leak? I use private proxies for gsa ser, and the public proxies I use for scrapebox are filtered with only elite ones. Any idea on what to do now? It seems I'm getting regular attacks like every day now.


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    you say you use GSA Proxy Scraper. That one doesn't use proxies to scrape, maybe thats the issue here and no ddos!?
  • Not sure, but the support said after close inspection of the network logs for my server they were pretty certain my server was being DDoS attacked. I know it sounds funny, but since GSA Proxy Scraper accesses the sources without proxy, is it possible that some owner of those sources got pissed off at me for scraping his proxy lists and attacked me? :) Or some proxy owner got pissed off for using his open proxies.. I don't konw really..
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    yes all possible. Without details it can be anything.
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    Why not point your DNS/IP to a free Cloudflare account? It will mask your real server IP address and also protect you from (basic) DDOS attacks, plus the other security benefits eg XSS prevention. Or possibly some other method like iPredator, but this will of course slow down scraping.
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