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my ocr services observations...

squidolsquidol USA
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i was sending 8k-10k links a day to my indexing service without using any ocr services like spamvilla

but when i started to use the ocr service by placing its API key on CB *not on GSA*, i was sending 50-100 links a day to my indexing service

i wonder what is the difference if i input the API key on GSA (options > captcha) instead of adding it in cb (options > captcha system).

because when i use the API key in CB, i observed that it takes a long time to scroll down whenever a RECAPTCHA is being solved in CB by using the OCR.

They are two ways of using OCR services in my projects. As seen in my image below:


What do you guys think is the difference between CB, and GSA indexing options ?


  • I prefer not to use any and let them index naturally.

    If your link is good- it will get indexed, save yourself some money and create quality content instead.
  • ^ i tried that, it went terribly
  • its depends upon your link list too.
  • ^^^ I Don't think GSA SER creates 10% more good links that are automatically gets Indexed itself !
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    Simple, when in CB, the captcha services takes longer 'cause CB first tries to solve captchas for the amount of given retries, after that, it sends those failed-to-solve captchas to Captcha Services.

    What I do for this is, I go through CB and find out captchas that have less than 30% success rate, right click on them, and click on "Toggle use of captcha service", then go to "Options" area of CB and select "Send only marked ones" under captcha services.

    What this does is, CB sends those captchas directly to captcha services instead of trying to solve them first, resulting better LPM and VPM.
  • so what is the difference between having spamvilla enabled on CB instead of GSA. 
  • @squidol, obviously, when CB can't solve a captcha, the captcha gets forwarded to the 2nd service. Let's say you have Spamvilla as 2nd service, CB is enabled as first service with 4 retries, in this case, CB will first try to solve the captcha 5 times (first try+4 retries), then leaves it and the captcha gets forwarded to the 2nd service, already consuming a minute or two during the process.

    Btw, Spamvilla and Captchatronix both are extremely slow solving recaptchas with low success rate. Stick to Reverseproxies OCR.
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