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Why did we pay to be advertised at?

I used SER like mad since pre v.3 until a few months ago, now have decided to start using it again and MY GOD Sven has it rammed full of bloody affiliate links now!. Did I really buy a piece of premium software to have it then filled with advertising for his partners with affiliate links????

Put advertising on a free ad supported version fine, but NOT the one I paid for ffs.


  • Quit whining, you pay a one time price and the software is continually updated, how else are they supposed to pay for ongoing development?
  • Yeah men, you are getting free updatings on one time pay app, so this can help Sven to continue making good things, and you only have some ads without hurt you, and in some times you will see something new you didnt know.. 
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    Stop bitching, those affiliate links inside GSA SER are their to your advantage as it is service that compliment GSA ser. and help you achieve your goals.

    Its not like it is huge banners, so stop bitching and just use the software.
  • SvenSven

    @bradmca well there are 4 places for parnter links:

    1. options - all kinds of links useful where most of people never heard about if not on forum

    2. target url import - just links to services to buy target sites (and no, not all affiliate links)

    3. project settings for target urls (see 2.)

    4. email settings - just links to buy email accounts and use software to create them (again not all affiliate links)


    To be honest, I find the links not very annoying and more helpful for people having less knowledge where to get help.

  • bradmca

    LOL are you high on whitewhidow ? maybe some magic mushrooms / truffles ?

    Be cool man! Just use software and stop yelling!

  • Do I get the point?, yep, Is it the opposite logic of free/share/premium software trends? yep

    Did I ever do the affiliate thing? yep - not anymore

    To me since I bought it, it just looks more and more like a pre-deployed affiliate marketing tool.

    To those arsey people, do you code?

    To Mr Truffles, I wish - truffles are awesome.
  • bradmca

    Aren't they ?
  • Umm, yeah, I code and understand how to get paid too.  There are two models for software monthly or yearly subscriptions and using affiliate links / advertising to make ends meet (see the app store dumbo).  Personally I prefer this model.
  • Bad day Zeke?, or more than that?
  • That feel when I actually love targeted quality up-sells, applying that they actually enhance the software in one way or another. Still, it would be nice to disable Ads that you do not like. It would boost conversions (at least for me) since I have no interest in many of the ads that get repeated over and over again.
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