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how to increase LPM

please suggest me an easy , smart and short tutorial to increase LPM


  •  I have a list... that is updating online .. but i cant increase LPM greater then 24LPM
  • Caroline12Caroline12 North America
    very simple.... just prt list in gsa ser... LPM wl incease,,,
  • How many prox? Threads? What settings/projects? 
  • Sophieemm1Sophieemm1 Pakistan
    edited October 2015
    not ... I have not yet any proxy , 200 thread.. setting is proper...
  • tayyabtayyab Pakistan
    you should have to get a fresh list. and proxy list... I hope your LPM will increase after this..
  • i would say that LPM is rather meaningless for seo purposes. the people on these threads that are hitting high lpm are doing it with what would be considered garbage links (Tier 3) that have no value. just remember the whole point of using these software tools is to automate the seo process for effectiveness. i personally would be very happy with single digit vpm with high quality links relevant to my niche. i don't chase meaningless metrics.
    to maximize your efforts - as others have already said - private proxy list, your own scraped list, and a vps would be good.
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