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Proxy Blocked


i`ve purchased the SER a few days ago! Today after reading this forum i`ve purchase 30 proxy from buyproxies ... and created my first campaign for a youtube video! scraped @ 800 keywords related to the subject of the video!

Threads to use : 60
HTML Timeout : 120
Time to wait between search : 120

After 1 hour the ip`s are blocked in google! I`ve clicked one of the link that says "Proxy Blocked on Google" and i get this : "Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests, and not a robot"

Why is that?

And when i check the proxy with other software against google search ( for example inside Scrapebox) the proxy work!


  • buyproxies are fairly strict on threads/proxy. Generally 10 threads/proxy is what they like. SO if you have 10 proxies you can do 100 threads.
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    Like i said above i purchased 30 proxy! So i don`t think that 60 threads is a problem
  • @OP
    You dont know/uderstand how proxies and google work, you are probably new to this "game".
    Google now bans proxies very fast. Its not possible to scrape google on mass scale using private proxies unless you have  few dedicated servers, each with /24 IP block, total few houndreds bucks.

    Buy list on marketplace and use it instead of scraping.
  • in this forum i`ve read that people scrape google for target urls with private proxy and they have success!
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    You generally want public/port scanned/disposable proxies for scraping. Proxygo was a good service before hawke *(POSSIBLY) * blocked port scanned proxies- now im using the gscraper proxy service as a backup. Its kind of silly to be honest-- paying for scraped proxies i could get for free. But whatever, it auto imports so i can set and forget.
  • BigGulpsHuhWelp
    Thats total BS, hawke didnt blocked anything and im 100% sure about this as i tested this.
    How hawke can block port scanned proxies when his proxy service contains port scanned proxies? Wireshark and 5 minutes of work and you will see that he didnt blocked anything...
    And you cant get proxies similar to Gscraper proxy service for free. Port scanning requires offshore servers, tons of bandwidth and alot of know how. Public (scraped) proxies and port scanned proxies are 2 different things.

    Maybe you read few months/years old posts. Rules of google harvesting game can change weekly and again you wont be able to scrape anything with 30 proxies.
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    @satyr85 I'll let Tony explain it but in short, GScraper is totally ignoring certain proxy blocks on certain port. If the ports are not found in his scraped proxies service, they will not work in GScraper.
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    satyr every place i see you either here or on bhw your the only person defending gscraper
    when everyone else tells you different, ive seen tens of people tell  u whats going on but u think we
    are all dumb, theres a reason i had gscrapers sales thread shut down and removed from bhw
    along with all gscraper adverts.

    1- we all no there support is non existent...message them with a complaint or issue
    u get no response, stone walled.... message them from a fake email about buying gscraper
    and get a reply within 1-2 days, many of us have tried it...this hawke guy gscraper will block
    you on skype as well, hell last time he replied me by email 2 months ago.

    2nd, being in the proxy game since 2004 ive been port scanning proxies longer than you
    have blindly been defending hawke/gscraper.

    3rd - hawks service for gscraper contains 0 port scanned proxies never has never will
    the crappy ass gscraper service uses imported scraped public proxies into gscraper

    4th i have shit ton of ip ranges on multiple blocks across the world that always hit 80k
    but now on last 2 versions over 50 dif ip blocks are all ignored, not 1 or 5 ALL
    but try thoes same proxies in an old version they pass and work....hell they all work
    in browser to accesss google searches and scrapebox - figure that 1 out

    5th i saw your stupid pic and video on bhw claiming theres an old version  of gscraper
    out there getting 80k urls, so i tested this theory , i port scanned 500 proxies
    then gscraper tested them all in v128 - 400 working, i hit scrape and wow 80k..

    i then split that 400 proxies into 8 txt files, 50 proxies in each and hit scrape.
    first 7 txt files of 50 proxies all did 5-7k urls a min....i then tested the 50 proxies
    in txt file 8, 80k urls.

    then i broke down the last 50 proxies from txt file 8 into 10 txt files of 5 proxies.
    testing 5 proxies  a go across 9 txt files -7k urls a min.....leaving 5 proxies

    then 1 proxie at a time i loaded them and scraped 1,2,3,4,5 last 4 proxies 5-7k
    proxie 5 was 80k meaning anyone with a brain can figure how u got that pic on
    bhw of 229 proxies doing 80k urls a min.

    probably 225 where slow as hell crap like everyone else gets and maybe if you
    where lucky 1-2 where outputting 80k, doesnt mean whole list was.
    spoke with trevor on skype about that the other night.

    and by the way as any proxies tested in gscraper are tested and results are seen by
    his server, he can quite easily code a port block when he sees same type being tested all
    the time, hell if i wanted to block competition from selling proxies to my tool so people by
    only my proxies makes all the sense in the world.

    last 2 updates hes blocked over 1000 of my proxies - u may claim google banned them
    if thats so, why do they work in my browser for google search by proxy and they still work
    in scrapebox and have done 5 years. go on enlighten us great 1
    and those 1k proxies are working fine in multiple scrapers all except his. fact is throw some
    proxies in gscraper tell me how many 8088 proxies 1-2 if your lucky yes i believe hes dropped
    a hammer on them, retaliation for getting all his adds thrown of bhw
    awaits gscraper ass licking to follow

    my finest hour...looking out for buyers - sales thread deleted - adds deleted - sig deleted.
    gscraper sales and adds stricken from bhw. rule1 dont ignore your buyers

    mods rulling
    and I have now removed the sales thread from view. In addition, I find that Proxygo's request
    to have the promotional thread and *Hawke*'s signature removed to be reasonable. Done and Done.

  • @BigGulpsHuhWelp

    how many proxy do i need to make it work?
  • your welcome gulp assuming i no u from my product but cant place your name
  • are in my scrapebox lifetime sub or my gscraper lifetime sub
    has to be 1 or other as u called me tony
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    Proxygo was a good service before hawke *(POSSIBLY) * blocked port scanned proxies- now im using the gscraper proxy

    ahhhh tra - sup bro - and to be fair i did give u a replacement product no questions asked right
  • Just remembering pulling 60kurl a min w ur port scanned prox. That was awesome.
  • well u never no he might fix it right, only been waiting
    2 months for a stable fix
  • We can only dream.
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