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Where is SER submitting?

edited January 2013 in Need Help
I am new to this tool and I don't understand how it decides where to submit?
Does it have its own site list for every submit type (i.e. forum,blog comment, etc.)? does it try these sites first? how and when does it search for new sites using the keywords provided?

I'm trying to submit to each type alone to understand a bit how it works, I get mostly: "no engine matches..." or "wrong engine detected..." or"already parsed..." right from the beginning, although I would expect it, to first submit to know to work sites???

It would be great to have an index of the different log messages and their meaning... 


  • part of it is done searching for footprints in google. thats like "powered by wordpress" and trying to post there.

    some is done via keyword search.

    but sven can answer that better perhaps
  • SvenSven
    search engines is the main thing beside you importing target urls on your own.
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