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How to let deathbycaptcha only work for T1 Recaptcha's?


Is there a way to  let Deatbycaptcha only work for Tier 1 recaptcha's? I'm really curious, I got 18 projects (3 tiers) making a total of 54 instances running. And I only want GSA to send tier 1 urls to deathbycaptcha for PR 3 or higher.

I'd love to know if this is possible.



  • Apparently I can't edit the discussion, but I've recently found how to make deathbycaptcha only work for Tier1, But how do I make it work for recaptcha's only?
  • tick "only for hard captchas" in captcha tab (in SER)
  • Yes, thankyou ;) already had figured it out. 
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