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Which engines should I use ?

I m using ser to powerup my manually created Web 2.0 . what I do is I create a new project for my each individual Web 2.0 and select article blog comment and other HQ platforms including Web 2.0 . but my lpm is not very good less than 10 and vpm is below 2-3 . I use 30 dedicated proxies and CB and captcha Tronix with no indexers. I have checked skip hard to solve captcha but still no improvement in lpm and Keywords range is good and not to mention I don't use link lists . right now I have 20 projects active . So could you please suggest me which engines to use to get most successful Vpm or lpm


  • It looks like your projects just don't have that many sites to post to. If you're using SER to scrape targets it's going to be kinda slow as you've noticed. Learn to scrape your own lists and import them in SER or buy them.
  • ronit

    contextual matters.  Also no point to spend $$ on dedicated proxies. From my experince there is no such a big different semi between dedis. You can save that money to buy a list or just save it.

    If you don't use WEB2.0 engines no point to check that engine in GSA SER. success very low.
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