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i wanna buy GSA Platform Identifier but i have question

Gsae LupusGsae Lupus My room
edited September 2015 in GSA Platform Identifier
hello.. im newbie.. i try trial version..
i have question about GSA Platform Identifier..

1. what URL list to Open URL files ? project type : procces file
i confuse with this
what URL list? need help here.., bcause i watch tutorial youtube.., they just scrp with data GSscpr..,
can somebody expln how to use GSA Platform identifier for GSA SER..

thank u before


  • Gsae LupusGsae Lupus My room
    edited September 2015
    what URL list? need help here..,
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Pi is made to help sort and identify URL's that you  later want to feed into SER, but it isn't a tool that is required. The URL list you use is the one you want to sort and identify. 

  • If you want to do some serious link building you need to scrape your own list(that's a whole field of study on it's own). That list will most probably need to be identified before importing it into gsa ser. That's where PI comes in. It can sort in the list by engines and make it ready for GSA SER. It is a highly recommended tool if you're scraping your own list.
  • And it can filter for JUST the type of engines you want to use- so SER wont waste time trying to post to the wrong urls.
  • guys he is beginner .. so i want to tell him as this...
    URL list is those URL list where we want to submit our back-links ... or publish our backlinks..   
  • Gsae LupusGsae Lupus My room
    edited October 2015
    finally i bought this GSA PI with my last money few minutes ago..  and  now i drag folder site list failed from GSA ser.. then i import site list from GSA PI to GSA SER rght??


  • @s4nt0s

    When I try to edit a running or paused project I get the following.

    Access violation at address 0000000000000076E3886 in module 'USER32.dll Read of address FFFFFFFFFFFF9431A4B

    windows server 2008 r2
    gsapi 1.30
  • @sengines are you using VPS?
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