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[ASK] Verify Link - How to???

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Can GSA SER verify link at the Verified row automatically? I been using right click - modify project - verify all links. I though it will verify all my link at the verified row but from what i see, it only verify link at the submitted row only.

Anyone, please tell me how to verify automatically link at verified row.




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    How you do, that you have verified links more than submitted links?
    I ask because it's my results:
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    After submitted, a link becomes verified. That's how. 
  • GlobalGoogle  is the only way to verify the verified link is by manual doing it?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Or setting project to active verify. :-)
  • at the options set i to automatically verify link? is it really run to verify all link?

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    If you want to check your verified links, its easy :D

    Right click on the project or projects you want to check

    In the pop up box > show urls verified > at the bottom of the new screen > verify button


  • @LeeG, is there a way to automate those task? for all the verified link? cause it takes time to verify all the project manually.

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    Why he has AMAZING result of verified links, but I have really bad results

    He: LINK
    Me: LINK
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    @darman, no idea on that.

    You could try asking Sven to make it an optional feature.

    Something like check verified links once a week

    The only problem, is some of links will only be found when verified, because of the nature of how the links are built

  • I use anchor text only on bottom article or BN and SN
    I use private proxy (yesterday it was 130 proxies but today i have only 1 worked - why?)
  • ronron
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    @darman82 - It really isn't a big can select all projects or a cluster, and verify them all at once. It doesn't take that long.
  • @ron, when i do that. The verify only happen on the submission row, not at the verified row. Or i'm i wrong?
  • ronron
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    @darman82 - I hope we are talking about the same thing. I am talking about verifying your verified links:

    Right click on project>Show Urls>Verified

    The box pops up with your links - click Verify button.

    This works individually on projects, or for multiple projects.

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