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Authority Link % Randomisation

Would it be possible to integrate functionality where the user can set a percentage for the frequency with which links to authority URLs are inserted into articles?

In the Article Manager section, I can see it's possible to "Insert up to 1-2 random/authority URLS", but can't see a way to randomise that, so that you're not getting secondary links in each article that is posted.




  • SvenSven
    hmm but 1-2 means either one or 2 URLs. You can also use 0-1 and it will put a link on 50% of submissions.
  • Agreed, but it would just be better to be able to specify a certain percentage, as you can with the anchor text.
  • Is this an option that you're likely to add, or should I mark this as closed?

  • +1

    While (0 - 1) 50% is nice and it does the job... having more control and link diversity would be nice.

    Applying % for things like videos/pictures per post would be interesting to have as well.
  • if we blast on any post from trusted links... then what happend ?
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