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High Quality Link Building With GSA SER - Step By Step Tutorial!

inet_solutionsinet_solutions Bulgaria
edited September 2015 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
There's a stereotype going on around that GSA SER can only be used for Tier 2 and Tier 3 projects and that it's only good for spam. With this tutorial, I wanted to show people that, if done right, GSA Search Engine Ranker can run some really nice and quality link building campaigns that can surely pass as Tier 1 projects. Here's how you do it:

I think this will help out a lot of people and I hope it really does!



  • Whats the point of filtering for Da/Pa in Scrapebox when the article SER posts is a 0... 
  • @BigGulpsHuhWelp What do you mean the article is a 0 mate?
  • Like you can post using ser on a da site of 80, but the post itself will be a 1
  • DA/PA is totally useless metric. When you make new contextual post PA will always be low, since it's new post.
  • Yea guys, and that is where Tier 2 and Tier 3 come in. Also, the DA while not the best of indicators is still a good indicator. A link from a PA1 DA1 page is still weaker than a link from a PA1 DA50 page. Anyway, I'm open to suggestions guys. What would you recommend to filter the target URLs by? I also suggested that PR is another option, but it is not 100% viable either. Let me know.

  • Probably outbound links, if it has a tonne of OBL, you know its probably not good. 
  • That would only work for blog comments, guestbook comments, etc mate, not for articles.
  • Try with Trust Flow, for example if you are in Health niche, to get mostly topical trust flow links from these categories. It would be most relevant at least to niche.
  • @Anonymous That is a good idea really, but I really don't think many people would have a way to check TF and CF of a huge amount of domains. Otherwise, yes, I thought too of TF and its topical trust flow. Good to note it mate!

  • vignesh676vignesh676 Mumbai,India
    edited September 2015
    Great Tutorial. Instead of using scrapebox for page authority, we can now use url metrics scanner from GSA Proxy scraper. it also gives info on trust.
    For merging files we can use GSA SER merge facility from tools
  • @vignesh676 Glad you liked it mate! I'm just used to Scrapebox and that's why I included it in the tutorial for Moz metrics checking and for other stuff. But your methods would work too.

  • inet_solutions

    For MOZ metrics you can use they have MOZ filtered API as well. Less hassles.


    Nice idea :) about GSA Proxy scraper

  • @lucawalkley Yea, and I just did a case study on GSA Verified Targets site lists and 3 other top link lists providers. You might like it:

  • inet_solutions

    Nice work man! Awesome!

  • wow @inet_solutions

    how many projects do you have lol
  • @BBigGulpsHuhWelp Quite a handful - a lot of customers using our services. 
  • @seomaker Thanks! Glad you liked it!
  • If we are going by the metric of trust flow, what will be the best way to mass check it?? @inet_solutions
  • @vijayaraj You can either use free trial from Market Samurai, or you can purchase a membership at Majestic. There are tools which allow you to check TF for free, but they allow a limited amount of URLs at a time and it will take forever to check all target URLs, so this is not very effective.

  • @inet_solutions Even with a membership from Majestic it won't be fast?? damn
  • No, no mate. With a membership from Majestic this would work. It won't be fast if you used free TF checkers because they limit the amount of URLs u can check at a single time. So you'd have to check a bunch of URLs, save them, and then check the next bunch and so on. But with a membership, it will be OK to check all target URLs for TF.

  • Thanks for sharing. going to watch it.
  • @Emmi713 A pleasure!
  • @Vijayaraj Now, you can bulk check Majestic stats using GSA Proxy Scraper. So cool.

  • @inet_solutions all the posts on your blog are really good. Thanks for the info.

    If possible can you kindly share some info about how to properly manage and organize multiple campaigns.

    I tried working with groups but getting myself lost.

    I basically want to be able to clone everything from one gsa install to the other without losing the best "groups" structure. Not sure what the best optimal setup/layout can be.

    I deal with clients and personal projects inside gsa and need a way to keep organized as it gets messy sometimes and I have to start restructuring all over again.

    Currently I have these groups setup


    Clients - > Client Name - > Website Name - > Tier# - > date begin - date end

    Clients - > Client Name - > PBN1 - > Tier# - > date begin - date end

    Clients - > Client Name - > WakeupLinks - > Tier# - > date begin - date end


    Private Projects - > Website or Tactic - > Tier# - > date begin - date end
  • @sengines Hey mate, glad you like our posts. Now, why do you put the tier in the group? A group should contain all the tiers of the link pyramid - at least, that's how we do it. Now, as far as I understand, I can recommend the following groups structure:

    Clients -> Date Started -> End Date

    And then you would have the following for the projects inside the group: "Client Name-T1" if it's a Tier 1 project. Something like that. No need to add all these details into the names of the groups and projects. 

    Same thing for your private projects. Now, I might be missing something here, but generally, I think this is simple and structured enough to work efficiently. As far as management, I have eased my work a lot with a few PHP scripts that automatically handle reporting and stopping the projects when they're done, but basically, after you get like 200 - 500 projects in one GSA SER instance, your mind will adapt and you will remember what each project is for.


  • Guys,

    We now sell our site lists as well and they contain target URLs that will help you achieve the aforementioned high quality link building with GSA SER effect:

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